14 units per box
12,95 €
  • Easy installation

    Put a slastics in your shoes is a total liberation. Once placed, nor tie nor untie. No more knots in your shoes. Confort from the first step. The perfect and homogeneous subject offered by slastics, gives a sense of comfort that is unmatched. You will feel it from the first step.

    Do not waste time tying or untying your shoes. Slastics will facilitates you the process by putting on your sneakers, or your shoes, offering you a perfect, consistent and uniform support.

  • Fun at your feet

    Replaces your monotonous laces new slastics.
    Combine colors of laces and buttons to give your personal and unique touch to your feet.

    Dare to create trend with your slastics.

  • Multiple uses

    The slastics are prepared for anything. They are perfect for your running shoes for your casual footwear, but where truly stand is in sports like cycling or triathlons, by providing you easily and quickly remove or putting your shoes.

    Try them in your shoes to practice your favorite sport, you'll see how you'll be amazed.

  • Perfect for children

    The smallest are in luck!.
    The slastics quickly become inseparable companions.
    Since they do not have to tie and untie not the slastics are very practical and provide comfort and a fastener which is very welcomed by the younger.

  1. Easy installation
  2. Funny
  3. >Multiple uses
  4. Perfect for children
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