Elastic silicone cords compatible with most shoes and sneakers.



Thin elastic tips facilitate the passage of the cord through the eyelets during installation.


Double Button

Double Button makes this stay centered and always equidistant from the two eyelets.


The silicone optimum hardness to maintain sufficient force but not annoying throughout the day provides unparalleled comfort.


Interchangeable Buttons

Combine slastics with any color button. A lot of possible combinations.

StandardFor distance of 40 to 50 mm between holes

LargeFor distance of 45 to 68 mm between holes

Anti Dust

A thin film covering your slastics so you are clean driving away the dust and dirt.

  • Cool wash
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Recyclable product

23 colors of slastics

14 by box

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20 colors of buttons

14 by box

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Colors to suit all tastes

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